About Me

As an artist, I believe in the power of art. I am passionate about sharing how-to ideas, reviews, and practical advice with people to make their homes beautiful.

Artist Richard is painting
Artist Richard

 As well as offer helpful tips and tricks for painting and choosing paint colors, I decided I wanted to share my knowledge with others. After completing my projects, I want them to appear great.

As I grew older, my projects were focused on homes – and enhancing them. Over time, as my experience grew, I began to understand the importance of the right tool, referring to my grandfather’s famous remark, “the right tool makes all the difference.”


It is my goal to help DIYers and professionals improve their houses, garages, yards, vehicles, and more with the right knowledge and instructions.

You can count on me to provide only the best how-to’s and DIY resources online. With so much information available, finding the right information for making a fix or adding a new tool to your toolbox can be a challenge.

The information I provide to readers is useful and presented in an entertaining and easy-to-read way. The purpose of my writing is to get rid of the technical jargon and simply explain what a product is and how it works. It is not my intent to make one brand look like it is superior to another, or to convince anyone that one product is better than another. The only thing I try to do is offer an honest assessment of the products I’ve tested.

My mission is to help you make your home gorgeous.

Artist Richard