Choosing Bathroom Tiles in 2023. Trends and Quantity Calculation

The bathroom is an important room in the home. And with the latest bathroom tile trends that we offer you, you can create great color combinations and elegant shapes according to your style. In this way, you can give your bathroom a new individual look.

What bathroom tiles are in fashion now in 2023?

The noble wood makes a comeback

It returns not only as a decorative accessory in furniture or accessories, but also in wall and floor coverings. You will have all the warmth that this imitation wood tile material offers.

You can place them only on part of the floor, decorate the bathroom wall or sink countertop with stainless steel accessories. It goes very well with colors such as white, gray or black. Wood-inspired porcelain stoneware, with the latest digital printing technology, fully reflects the warmth of these ceramic collections that go with all kinds of other styles, such as stone or marble.

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Marble or stone

These materials, widely used in earlier times, have come back to us and with great power. They are back to stay. Although the marble that we have now is not at all like the marble that was made years ago.

You can create a very elegant bathroom with marble tiles. Both on the walls and on the floor, it will give you that touch of luxury that you want in your bathroom. You can also choose between a matte or glossy polished surface.

Marble colors in white, red, black or gray are trending and can be paired perfectly with wood flooring.

If you want a more modern style, place it on the walls and combine it with a hydraulic mosaic floor in white, gray and black.

But, if you prefer something a bit rustic, then choose tiles with embossed stone imitation. Stone is a natural element that is widely used today, and it will look incredible on a bathroom wall.

The stone effect is a classic that will always be in our interiors and exteriors because it reflects what stone has always been used for.

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Yes, metal tiles can be used in the bathroom as well. It gives it a touch of glamour by seeing the reflections emitted by metal. You can use them in a rectangular format and combine shapes and colors.

Another idea would be to install a mosaic grid on the walls of the shower, they come with metal and glass inserts or just porcelain metal designs that illuminate the bathroom with their reflection. This small format is very fashionable today.

Cement is on trend

Do not be surprised, but this kind of material, too, can create a relaxing and tranquil style in your bathroom. There is also a coating that imitates cement, perfect for your bathroom.

Combine it with wooden accessories and chrome or black faucets. Use a wooden or polished concrete cabinet for the sink, and if you want a more traditional look, add baskets to hold towels or toilet paper.

Bathroom styles that are prevalent this year

To help you choose wall tiles and accessories, I’ll tell you about the styles so you’ll be clear and comfortable.

  • Eclectic style: mixed design of different eras.
  • Warm minimalism: offers an intimate atmosphere of well-being and tranquility by combining colors such as earthy, beige or cream.
  • Art Deco revival: it’s about using different colors and patterns, but in a more softened form. The combination of pastel and light shades with elegantly curved accessories will create a romantic atmosphere.
  • Naturalness prevails: handmade products, wood, stone and plants create an organic style in which you can choose between rustic and classic style.

Tips for choosing and designing different bathroom tiles

1. The right combination of color and shape in the design

You can not forget how to choose tiles for the bathroom by color – the wrong combinations can ruin the impression and disrupt your comfort. To avoid this, I suggest the following color combinations:

White. Absolutely neutral tile: always appropriate, goes with any color. Available in many variations (molten milk, ivory, etc.), makes the room “spacious”. Looks advantageous in a large format and simple shapes (square and rectangle).

Light colors. Blue, beige, azure, turquoise, green, etc. – Tiles in soft colors are considered classic for bathrooms, with it in the bathroom creates a light mood. It is important to remember: “cold” shades energize, and “warm” have a soothing effect.

Saturated colors. Red, orange, yellow, gold, bright versions of blue and green, etc. – This tile in the bathroom should choose carefully. After all, it can quickly get tired of it. Therefore, it is better to limit such shades only in certain accents or zones, but no more.

Dark colors. Let’s face it: black, brown and similar in shade tiles look expensive and solid (especially with gold details). But the abundance of dark gives an oppressive impression. It’s also noticeable in terms of dirt. Therefore, a reasonable maximum is dark floors and the bottom of the walls.

As for combinations of colors between each other, today it is considered that all sorts of combinations are possible: both traditional, close, and provocative-contrast with drawings and photo prints – the main thing is to know what you want to get as a result. The general rule is the same: do not get carried away with the number of colors – enough 3-5, otherwise you’ll get a mishmash.

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2. Large format tiles for a luxurious bathroom

Large format is in trend for both bathroom floors and walls. It offers many benefits, such as more natural styles that resemble stone, cement or marble. They provide a clean look and expand the space, offering elegant style and in many cases luxury.

If you want a spectacular and luxurious bathroom on one of the walls, install a large tile with dark gray imitation marble. On the floor and other walls, he places large-format white porcelain tile.

Complete with stainless steel faucets and a white or wood cabinet under the sink. The accessories should offer touches of modernity.

You can also install white ceramic marble tile with gray streaks on the walls at mid-height and black-and-white planking on the floor.

To create an understated yet modern ambiance, lay large ceramic tiles with imitation stone on the back wall as an extension of the floor. Other bathroom walls with matte white tile, chrome or colored faucets and wood accessories that create warmth.

3. Tile in wood – creates a sense of warmth

This is an opportunity to keep it elegant and natural. It creates a feeling of warmth or the touch of wood leaves.

  • You can use it for floors or walls. Create different combinations, such as combining bright white tiles, white accessories and natural wood.
  • You can combine marble with wood. Install white marble ceramic tiles with gray streaks in the shower and wood imitation porcelain tiles on the floor in the rest of the bathroom. Complete with white natural wood accessories.
  • Place imitation wood horizontally on the bathroom wall. Other walls with large-format bright white or rectangular subway-style ceramic tiles, and the floor with patterns of old hydraulic or vintage sidewalks.

4. Vertical tiles – unusual and stylish

This vertical style for walls is also a trend in bathroom design. Here are some examples for tile combinations.

  • Place vertical rectangular tiles on your bathroom wall and mix different shades of pink. Accessories and faucets in gold or bronze, the cabinet under the sink should be light gray or white, or always a good choice of wood. And on the floor, you can use paving tiles designed in the same tones.
  • You can also arrange them vertically in white on one wall and blue, green or pink on the other. You can place them horizontally on the others, it would look great.
  • On one wall there are shaping posts, and on the other, horizontal posts. Create a wall in your bathroom with very narrow rectangular tiles. Or arrange them horizontally like bricks, highlighting the joints with a color that matches the style of the bathroom.
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5. Art Nouveau style tiles for modern bathrooms

  • For example, use a combination of black and white beveled edges of rectangular format on one wall, creating a harmonious composition.
  • If the bathroom is large, you can have one wall of beveled tiles in black and the other in white.
  • You can also use them in black with a glossy finish on the wall of the sink, which will perfectly match the white color of the sink.
  • The ideal faucet would be stainless steel. Thus, you will have an incredible design with modern bathroom tile.
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6. Budget bathroom tile option

If you want to buy tile that will last for many years and look absolutely stunning, know that it will cost you a lot of money. Very good tile is expensive enough that it can discourage many people from remodeling their bathroom or kitchen. However, there is an interesting option!

Adhesive tiles. For the first time, you can buy Velcro tiles. These materials are resistant to most stains and water damage, so you don’t have to worry about long-term damage. Also, they will last for years if they are properly cared for.

7. Fancy fish scale bathroom tiles

Fish scale tiles are a great choice! Why not give the room a chic look by changing just one thing? If you’re a sea lover and you’re sad that summer is slowly but surely going away, this pattern is for you! Bring the beach and the ocean into your home.

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How to calculate how many tiles you need for the bathroom

The calculation of the number of tiles needed to finish the bathroom is an individual process. Therefore, to calculate the tiles for the bathroom can an experienced specialist after all measurements. And we will highlight the basic tips:

  • At the beginning, start from the total surface. It consists of the area of the walls and floor minus the openings: door and window (if any). Divide the result by the area of tiles and get an approximate amount of material.
  • Installing bathtubs with an apron, prefabricated shower boxes, toilet and bidet installations, concealed cabinets for water heater, household chemicals, etc. – all of which can both increase and decrease the amount of tile required.
  • Be sure to buy bathroom tiles with a 10-15% reserve of the final number. This is necessary in case of the usual tile breakage during transportation and laying, and when cutting the material for joints and non-standard elements.
  • And one more tip: It is better to buy the entire volume of tiles from one batch at once. In this case you will save yourself the risk that the finish will differ in shade and quality, which sometimes happens even with proven brands.

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