Detailed Rules For Choosing and Installing a Bathroom Mirror

It is easy to imagine a bathroom mirror even without a bath, but very difficult. It is impossible to do without such an element in such a room! If you don’t know how to choose a bathroom mirror, don’t worry: with our recommendations you will easily figure it out!

The mirror as an important element of the bathroom has three functions:

  • we use it to tidy up ourselves
  • it is an excellent decorative element, capable of transforming any room
  • it helps to visually enlarge the space

The Main Technical Characteristics of the Bathroom Mirror

Despite the apparent simplicity of this bathroom accessory, before buying it, assess a number of important parameters.


All mirrors on the market can be divided into two types:

  • Stand-alone: a regular mirror with a mount in the back, in a frame or without, and nothing else. It looks neat, stylish, takes up minimal space and can be anything in size, shape and style.

If you have a spacious bathroom, decorated in a modern style, feel free to choose a simple and concise mirror.

  • Combined: a regular mirror, but complemented by a cabinet at the back / side or a shelf at the bottom. It does not look as spectacular, plus it limits the size, but it is ideal for small bathrooms, where there is a lack of space for small items.

And about one more design point: the material. Regular mirrors are made with a layer of aluminum amalgam, but for the bathroom is better “mix” of silver. It is more expensive, but it has a lower risk of peeling under the influence of moisture.


Rectangular. A universal classic that is suitable for any room size and style. Can be placed horizontally (will visually expand the bathroom) and vertically (as if to raise the low ceiling).

Square. Perhaps the most austere and solid format for mirrors. Plus, a square, if properly placed, helps to balance the proportions of an overly narrow and elongated room.

Round. Usually they are small, covering part of the figure models for compact bathrooms, which give them a touch of coziness. Can be part of a design composition on the wall of many mirrors.

Oval. Elegant models, the most harmonious in classical styles. As well as rectangular, these can be mounted vertically and horizontally in the room.

Figured. Hearts, stars, petals, sun and asymmetric shapes – there are a lot of original options for mirrors that will attract attention. But remember: it is not always convenient to look in them.

Bathroom Mirror


Small. The length of the sides is up to 20-24 inches. Such models can be hung even on a narrow wall above a small sink, but note: this size is suitable for combing, makeup and shaving, but no more than that.

Medium. The edge of these models reaches up to 40 inches: the optimum in most situations. In them you can see yourself at least waist-length and at the same time the mirror can still fit organically into a small room.

Large. Giants with sides from 40 inches. They look spectacular, but the size of the bathroom must be appropriate. It can be hung over two washbasins or installed on the floor for a full-length view.


Frame. It is both a decoration and protection of the mirror from damage and you from injury. The frame must be strong and moisture resistant. Therefore, it is better to be made of plastic, stainless steel or chrome-plated metal. Wood in the bathroom is acceptable, but it needs a special impregnation.

Cosmetic mirror. A small section that approximates part of the whole image. This helps with detailed examination and treatment of the skin, although not as convenient as a separate mirror on a retractable bracket, which is positioned and rotated as you like.

Backlighting. It can be functional, replacing a wall lamp or other similar fixture, and decorative. Backlighting is both built into the surface and made separately. It is important that the model has a high protection class and a convenient switch (for example, a sensor).

Smart-functions. Each manufacturer has its own ideas. Someone offers an electronic clock built into the panel for those who are afraid to be late. Somebody equips the mirror with a heater against fogging. Someone integrates Bluetooth and speakers for playing music from your smartphone and even a TV screen!

Bathroom Mirror


Modern. Simple, devoid of decor, often without frames at all, models – they will be the perfect solution for those who want to figure out how to choose a mirror for the bathroom with a minimalist washbasin, a stylish shower stall or trendy black plumbing fixtures.

Modern style suggests the simplicity of the decor and shapes of the mirror, but this does not mean that it will necessarily be boring or primitive

Classic. These models have a frame, and what a frame! Carvings, moldings, small elements and gilding will make the mirror a great addition to baths in the Empire, Rococo, Provence, etc. style. The main thing is that the baguette should combine color with other furniture or interior doors.

Classic baguette frame looks luxurious and expensive, but it is important to observe the measure when decorating the whole room, so as not to go into tastelessness.

Bathroom Mirror

Installation Tips

  • Mounting height should be averaged over the height of the family members – so that everyone can see themselves and no one’s head is “cut off.”
  • The lower edge of the mirror surface should be 8-16 inches away from the sink, which will reduce the risk of splashing it.
  • The mirror should be evenly illuminated, not hidden in the penumbra – so it will “play up” externally, and the room will light up.
  • Try to hide the shortcomings of the bathroom: a large mirror, placed on the long side, will expand the space.
  • It is better to leave free space around the mirror – squeezed between the boiler and the wall it will be “lost”.
  • Assess what will be reflected in the mirror: a beautiful marble tile or, for example, a toilet with a compact and a urinal.
  • Do not be afraid of experiments – you can hang a mirror not only near the sink, but also, for example, above an unusual acrylic bathtub.

Tips for caring for the mirror in the bathroom

  • The mirrored surface should be cleaned after every fogging, and washed at least once every 1-2 weeks.
  • To clean the mirror, you should use a special compound, alternatively – window cleaners.
  • It is better to remove dirt from the mirror with a soft rag and microfiber – they will not scratch the glass smoothness.


Modern mirrors complement the design of the room, playing an important decorative role. With the help of such an object can dramatically change the style of the room, expand its space, fill it with light and create an atmosphere of lightness.

Interior designers advise to first decide on the task that will solve the mirror, and only then proceed to its purchase. Why overpay for a huge panoramic panel, if a small reflective surface on the cabinet door will be enough for you?

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