Height Of Bedroom TV. Simple and clear guide with examples

You must follow simple rules to determine the correct height of bedroom tv. A television set is no longer considered a luxury good. It is currently a common piece of furniture that is put in various places in the house.

As a result, watching will be as pleasant as possible, and the equipment will seem useful and blend in with the surroundings.

The Ideal Distance From the Floor

Choose the ideal height for the TV’s location before hanging it in the bedroom. Although there are certain guidelines, there are no specific regulations. Personal demands should be used as a reference while installing the wall mounted tv. The most practical point should be selected, according to experts to watch tv in the bedroom.

The next approach is worth attempting if you don’t know how to achieve this.

Close your eyes, lay on your back, and unwind. You should spend some time in this position. Then you should open your eyes, scan the area, and swiftly fix your gaze on one area.

The wall-mounted TV should, as a general rule, be at least 42 inches above the ground.

A crucial piece of advice: TFT LCD panels are sensitive to vertical alignment and should not be placed too high. As a result, if the flat screen tv is high, the tv screen appears to get whiter. A low posture, on the other hand, distorts contrast in contrast to a higher one, giving you a darker image and worse viewing angle.

The Size of Your TV

TV in your bedroom should be positioned at the ideal height for its size.

When we talk about the “tv size”, we mean the diagonal viewing area. TV size, in a technical sense, relates to the screen’s diagonal tv screen.

While calculating the TV’s height above the ground, the distance from the floor to its top or bottom is not taken into account.

We measure the distance from the floor to the center of the TV.

Based on the TV size, the ideal viewing distance between the floor and the TV may be determined.


A 42-inch TV should be set 56 inches from the floor to its center.

A 55-inch TV should be mounted 61 inches from the floor to its center.

A 65-inch television must be mounted 65 inches from the floor to its center.

A 70-inch television must be mounted 67 inches from the floor to its center.

TV Screen Resolution

We can provide you a recommendation even if tv screen resolution is a matter of taste and influences your wall mounted tv. The very minimum advised tv screen resolution for small flat-panel TVs is 720p.

Using 4K (full HD) or 1080p on wall mounted tv in the bedroom is encouraged. As screen resolution rises, the optimal distance from the LCD panel falls. If you choose a higher resolution, viewing flat screen tv up close won’t strain your eyes.

Viewing Angle

You’ll likely be lying in bed rather than sitting on the couch as you would in the living room while watching flat screen TV in the bedroom.

For watching tv the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) recommends a maximum viewing angle of 30 degrees.

Therefore, pay attention to how you are resting in bed when you wish to inspect anything on your wall mounted tv. You should adjust the TV mount’s height to the position that makes you feel most comfortable.

Do you lie down or stand up? Do you look straight forward when you’re resting in bed? These are the questions you should be asking yourself in order to determine where the TV mount should be placed to watch the motion picture.

Visual Range

Nearly all ophthalmologists concur that the minimum distance between your eyes and the TV should be at least twice the monitor’s diagonal.

For an LCD monitor, two to three diagonals, and for a plasma screen, three to four diagonals, is the ideal viewing distance.

An optimal viewing distance, for a 42-inch TV, would be 76 inches.

How to Determine Whether All the Computations are Accurate?

This approach may be used to determine how cozy the computed location is.

Make a rectangle the same size as the monitor out of a few plain white papers that are A3 or A4 in size. Stick them to the wall at the level you choose for yourself and glue them using duct tape. Use your imagination now and situate yourself comfortably on the couch while seeing the rectangle as a screen.

Is it too high hanging? Do you need to stoop a little to see the image more clearly? Take your time and pay attention to your emotions.

Imagine that you are simultaneously watching TV from your chair while “testing out” every conceivable scenario.

Nuances For Installation in Different Places

Over The Fireplace

Height of Bedroom TV

The fireplace can sustain a high temperature whether it is real or electronic. If it is a typical fireplace, it is an open flame source from which sparks occasionally fly and might harm the wall mounted tv.

Modern fireplaces are becoming the most popular choice among customers. They are entirely fireproof and insulated, unlike their rivals. The heated air emanating from the flame initially moves forward before exiting through the top.

If there are no options, then it is better to hang up tv in the bedroom if there is a modern high-quality fireplace. Just choose tv mount very durable and reliable.

Opposite the Window

If the tv in the bedroom is installed opposite the window, the sun’s rays will interfere and the picture quality will become worse. It is nonetheless conceivable to arrange it in this manner if there is no other choice.

In this situation, the window should be covered with heavy drapes to block the sunshine. Roll-up blinds will work really well. They can quickly darken the windows so you can watch TV in your bedroom.

Over a Heater

Typically, radiators are positioned low enough to prevent equipment damage. Additionally, contemporary heating equipment is frequently protected with the use of unique heat-resistant constructions or coverings. The visual appeal of the space is ruined by exposed pipes.

TV in the bedroom has to be mounted on the wall 20 inches away from the battery in order for it to carry out all of its required activities. In this manner, the machinery is safe. If not, the body or the screen itself may become harmed due to the adverse effects of high temperatures.

Beneath the Air Conditioner

Height of Bedroom TV

If you consistently maintain a split-system, this location variation is feasible. Water will get on the TV if the air conditioner suddenly fails or begins to leak, which might short the circuit. The inhabitants of the house frequently overlook the gradual entry of moisture from the air conditioner under the TV.

Because a TV and an air conditioner don’t usually seem tidy and attractive together, it is best to avoid this combo of appliances.

Peculiarities of Wall-Mounting the Television

  • Above all others, go with a specialist that specializes in installing plasma, LCD, and LCD TVs. If you are confident in your abilities, it is fairly possible to attempt to install it yourself.
  • The weight of the TV ought to be supported by the wall and quality tv mounts are needed. It is not advisable to hang excessively heavy monitors on the wall; it would be better to find a different solution.
  • A link to cable and satellite networks is made when installation is complete. You can ask television engineers.
  • The TV panel should be hung in an area with sufficient airflow, according to the manufacturer, to ensure optimal ventilation through certain holes in the casing.
  • the wiring connecting to the power should not be stretched while mounting on a retractable bracket; otherwise, a short circuit or fire might result.

It is possible to enjoy and be safe while watch TV with good picture quality.

Recommendations For the Correct Selection of Height of Bedroom TV

  1. The maximum deflection viewing angle from the TV shouldn’t be greater than 30 degrees while respecting tv size.
  2. How far is it from the floor to the television in bedroom tv? 42 inches is the bare minimum height. If not, there is a chance that the user will unintentionally touch the object, causing it to fall.
  3. The outlets need to be 18 inches apart from the main bracket (this is the maximum value, you can make a smaller gap).
  4. Consider the height of any home decor or furnishings. They could have the screen above them. In this situation, a minimum distance of 10 inches should be maintained from any furniture or the edge of the sofa.
  5. It is advised to employ a bracket whose placement may be changed. This enables you to change the viewing angle of the TV.
  6. Make sure the bracket you choose can support your TV before you buy it. A bracket made especially for your TV model should be your first priority.
  7. The bracket mounts may loosen up with time. As a result, ensure the equipment is attached firmly by checking often.

Examples of TV Setups

The following might serve as effective illustrations of how furniture should be arranged within a bedroom.

1. TV in the style of the picture

Height of Bedroom TV

2. On a unique, illuminated wooden panel

Height of Bedroom TV

3. Along the furniture wall

Height of Bedroom TV

This short gallery serves as an example of the wide range of equipment installation possibilities available for bedrooms. And if properly positioned, this equipment may serve as both a distinct ornament and a support for the current interior’s design.

And in Conclusion

We hope this advice will enable you to set up a TV in your bedroom and watch your preferred shows and movies! Your tastes will ultimately determine the ideal height for the TV in your bedroom.

While some people want their TV a bit higher so they can watch it from their beds, others like their TV a little lower so they can see more of the screen.

Try out several heights and positions to see which one best matches your requirements.

And if your interior has gray walls, then I recommend that you find out: What Color of Carpet Goes With Gray Walls? The Ultimate Guide (8 Options)

Write in the comments which of the three options you like best and why?