Detailed guide for choosing a LED mirror: types, installation, service life

LED mirror are very popular right now. They can be very original and fit into almost any interior. Those who like to add a twist to their apartment or house will definitely appreciate this accessory.

There are a giant variety of models of such mirrors, and they all differ from each other on many criteria. Before you purchase this stunning item, you should familiarize yourself with all the nuances and learn as much as possible about such mirrors. And only then you can choose the most suitable model for your place of residence and buy it.

Installation and Connection

There are a huge variety of mounting options, which depend on the model of the mirror. There are special fasteners, which are usually included with the product.

It is easy to glue the mirror on a special glue, it dries quickly, but if you need to remove the mirror for re-installation, you will not succeed.

You need to choose the glue for this procedure very carefully, as only adhesives for mirrors are suitable (they are usually labeled “mirror”). Other adhesives. Not suitable for such installation can ruin the reflective coating.

Usually screws or plastic dowels are used to install the mirror. Their flats, after screwing in or closed in special holes, or decorated with special plugs.

To properly install the mirror you will need:

  • tools designed for installing a mirror or mirror furniture;
  • hole punch or impact drill;
  • a drill on the brick, concrete;
  • screwdriver with a bit or screwdriver;
  • spirit level;
  • tape measure.

And the installation itself is not difficult:

  1. The mirror is leaned against the surface on which it will later be placed.
  2. A marking is made.
  3. Holes are drilled for the dowels.
  4. Dowels are inserted into these holes.
  5. The mirror is attached with screws.
  6. If the mirror with light and sensor present electric lights or LED components, after performing all the above steps can engage in its electrical connection.
LED Mirror

Functionality and Operation

When installing the mirror, be sure to adhere to safety rules. Instead of just hanging the mirror on the wall, you should also connect it to the power grid in order to use it in the future.

The installation must be done quite qualitatively, carefully and cautiously, to avoid unwanted accidents. Wires should be well protected from moisture (just in case if the mirror will be located in the bathroom). To do this, everything should be well thought out and, if necessary, make hidden wiring.

The product should be cleaned as often as necessary. The main thing is not to let it get too dirty. To take care of the object, use a specially designed for this liquid. Wipe the mirror with a cloth that does not leave any fibers on the surface of the glass.

Never try to pour water on the mirror or splash cleaning solutions on it. If the mirror is powered by electricity, then unplug it while you are cleaning it.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Such mirrors have quite a lot of advantages, but disadvantages, although they are few, are still present. Let’s take a look at them all.

  • Ladies wake up early to do cosmetics. You can’t trouble them if you use this mirror, though, because the light won’t be able to make them awake.
  • You may perform cosmetics, shaving, and other tasks with much greater quality with the aid of lights. You’ll be able to focus on the face’s minute nuances.
  • This mirror can contribute to the overall illumination in the space. You can create a light tunnel if you leave it on constantly. Also, if you hang enough of these mirrors together, you create a fascinating tunnel.
  • The mirror looks fantastic when used as décor. It may be paired with virtually any interior.
  • You may select the mirror’s and its device’s size is also a major benefit. There are, after all, several versions, including battery-powered, battery-operated, and mains-powered options.
  • Some mirrors can tear with rust due to high humidity. To avoid this, you need to buy a good quality mirror that will have an excellent protective coating.
  • The light can be too bright and negatively affect your vision. It is better to buy models that shine a soft, diffused light and does not strain the eyes.

Rules of Choosing a LED Mirror

The choice of a sensor mirror in the bathroom with lighting should be competent, because the quality of lighting, reflection, and, most importantly, the health of your eyes depend on it. Do not look only at the appearance of the mirror.

1 Size. Consider where you want to put it and, more importantly, what you will use it for. Large-sized mirrors don’t always work out to be the ideal option because they aren’t always comfy.

The smallest size will be most suitable. It will be able to install a small shelf beneath such mirrors and arrange all the essential stuff on it. The illumination in a tiny mirror will also enable you to look at your face more attentively.

2 Unique characteristics and extras. As an alternative to the standard, you may choose a mirror that comes with a whole set of extra cabinets or shelves that also have lights. It will be a big benefit if you want to build a bathroom mirror because all the accessories can be stored there, negating the need to create a particular cabinet.

3 Usefulness and functionality. When the mirror, illumination, and slope of the product can all be adjusted to your preference, it is extremely nice. This is really practical.

4 Mirror construction material. Silver or aluminum should be used as the coating. While being more costly, items with this coating will last a lot longer. Also, they are shielded against rust, which develops as a result of the room’s high humidity level and abrupt temperature changes.

5 Durability. The frame and mountings must be strong and firm, so that the mirror will not break if it falls. The lighting and the frame must be resistant to moisture. Good mirrors are those that have a stainless frame, such as one made of transparent plastic, which will cover the lamps, and thus perfectly transmit its light and color.

6 Switch in the form of a sensor. At the moment, these models are very popular, but also cost more. With just a touch, you can turn on the light, adjust its brightness, or change the color and level of the light. Good products have to respond perfectly to pressure. If the model is remote controlled, make sure it works before you buy.

7 The back side of the LED mirror. There should always be a special light switch on it. This way you will be able to turn the light on and off whenever you want. Some models can be controlled with a remote or have a touch switch.

Models with LED mirror lighting will be the best option, because they are cheap and very practical.

LED Mirror

Types of Sensor

  • Infrared. This type of sensor reacts to the heat of the hand brought to it.
  • Touch sensor. Triggers when someone touches it. Such touch mirrors are very convenient to use, because you do not need to make any unnecessary movements to turn on the backlight.

Types of Lights

  • Outdoor. The lighting fixtures in this instance are affixed to the wall next to the mirror. There are several variants available from manufacturers that come with lighting. They merely need to be mounted correctly after being purchased. The most common way to illustrate such designs is with individual lights (like small sconces) or a reflecting canvas of individual lights, from which the light may be directed in any direction.
  • Internal. Involves using LED strips that are set inside a mirror surface. For typical ray dispersion, white frosted glass is utilized at the top. Top, side, or perimeter LED modules are present. The characteristics of the reflecting surface determine where they should be placed. Certain variants have a colorful coating and an aluminum profile border around the built-in backlight.
  • Decorative. The lighting strip in this type is attached to the back side. This is the so-called LED strip with low power diodes, which do not give full lighting, but only a decorative effect. Colored ribbons can be used. But you need to be careful with them – there is a risk of getting a distorted image.

Types of bulbs for illumination

Any light source may be used for lighting, however it is preferred to use ones that are reliable and affordable. All corners of the room should be lighted, yet the brightness should always be pleasant to the sight. The lamp’s power should match the square footage of the space.
Among the most well-liked light styles are:

  • Halogen. They contain gas, and the remaining air has been treated with iodine and bromine. They perform roughly two times as well as incandescent lights.
  • Fluorescent. models that are affordable, reliable, and have light that is as natural-looking as possible. have excellent visual comfort and great luminance efficiency.
  • LED. For mirrors they are used in the form of lamps or LED strip. The LED glow is bright enough and does not irritate the eyes. Lamps with a white glow are good for full lighting, and colored ones are ideal for decoration.
LED Mirror

Cosmetic Mirror

Cosmetic models are a small, rounded mirror. Its purpose is to give a detailed view of the face to create attractive makeup. A huge plus of the model is considered to have a side with a two- or threefold magnification.

One of the key parameters to look at when buying a cosmetic mirror is the material of the reflective layer. There are a lot of them, but the most durable are considered the following:

Silver. The coating, even after decades, retains its clarity, and the product itself will not lose its attractiveness. Silver models can be found in many brands, but their price is higher than the others.

Titanium. Durable and resistant to moisture material. It is rarely used because the obtained reflection is not distinguished by high clarity. Also, sometimes the shape of objects can be disturbed, which creates an additional inconvenience in use.

Aluminum. The most affordable option, which is put in inexpensive models. In this case, the quality of display is at a high level. But the product has disadvantages: low resistance to high humidity and a short service life.

It is necessary to take into account that for any cosmetic mirror you need to additionally pick up lighting. It is best that it was a LED strip. The important condition is to follow all the instructions and handle carefully, otherwise the operating time will be greatly reduced.

LED Mirror

Service Life of LED Mirror

The LEDs in the mirrors have a service life of at least ~ 50,000 hours of nonstop use. Even if the backlight is on always, this equates to at least five and a half years. You can use your new lit mirror for a very long time, in fact.

These are average data and depend on the manufacturer and how you use the mirror, following the rules.

To Summarize

Selecting a mirror with backlighting is a difficult but crucial task. This piece of interior decor will change how the room is decorated. Now that you are more knowledgeable about backlit mirrors, you will undoubtedly be able to locate and select a product that will look fantastic in the inside of your flats and be aesthetically pleasing.

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