Eco-Style In Room Design: Rules On Finishes, Photo

Eco-style in room design is a rising trend in apartment interiors. The active use of daylight, decor made of recycled materials, inserts made of natural materials will be recommended by designers for a long time to come. But how to create this very style? How to make an eco-repair apartment design and “not to overdo it”? What techniques and materials to use? Now let’s figure it out.

Features of Eco-Style In Room Design of Apartments

Approached to the natural color scheme. All shades of green and brown, beige, white, blue. No neon shades, all tones are soft.

The decor of natural materials. Stone figurines, wooden vases and coasters, embroideries, hand-made figurines. A minimum of plastic and porcelain figures.

The materials are also striving for naturalness. Plastic PVC panels are not in honor, instead of them – the texture of stone, wood, marble, fabric.

Active use of natural light. The windows are not hidden, the sunlight is used to the maximum, in the rooms tend to leave a maximum of free space, without cluttering it with storage systems and furniture.

Characterized by large, spacious rooms. If the apartment is small – will need to approach the planning of repairs with great care, so that the interior is not cluttered sacks of country potatoes and boxes with children’s toys.

Eco-Style In Room Design

For whom will the eco-style?

First of all, for those who live in a big city at a furious pace. Eco-style is associated with something natural, it helps to relax after a busy day and “switch” to a peaceful home environment.

And also eco-style is a great choice if you are planning a major repair for “a long time”, because it is included in the list of classic and will not go out of fashion for a good decade.

Pluses and minuses of eco-style

  • Enhances the mood. A stylish eco-style room will perfectly play in contrast to the urban life, give a sense of comfort and help to relax after a nervous working day.
  • Space for experimentation. Estyle sets the direction, you choose the materials, textures and decor. Once the interior is no longer happy – it’s easy (and inexpensive) to change without major repairs. Just rearrange furniture, buy a set of figurines or planters – and the room will play in a completely different colors!
  • Safety. Eco-friendly materials are harmless, do not emit toxic substances, with them you will be quiet about your health and the well-being of your loved ones.
  • You will have to hide the equipment. Modern toasters, upright vacuum cleaners and dryers are not friendly with “clean eco”. At the stage of planning the repair they will have to hide them in the hangers, niches and behind the fronts.
  • You’ll have to “bother” with cleaning. Natural materials must be properly cared for, otherwise the appearance of wood or fabric will suffer.
  • Eco-style can be expensive. Therefore, we advise to order repairs on a turnkey basis – with this approach, the purchase of material will be engaged in the firm at lower prices. As a result, the cost of materials and work of craftsmen can come out lower than the independent repair.

In our opinion, the eco-style has few cons, but really a lot of advantages. However, only you decide whether this style suits you or not.

What does the modern eco-style consist of?


Wood. Natural wood is used both as floor covering (parquet) and wall (wooden panels). Also in the eco-style will feel great solid wooden furniture.

Brushed stone. It can be used as a wall and floor covering. And we also advise to take a closer look at the countertops of liquid stone for the kitchen set. This is both a beautiful and practical solution.

Glass. Another quite natural material. In the interior, partitions made of this material are most often used. And also interior doors made of glass feel great in the bathroom and toilet – they are not afraid of steam and temperature differences.

Leather. Most often it is used only as a material for upholstery. However, there are interesting projects in which leather is decorated, for example, an accent wall.

Natural textiles. Cotton and linen blend perfectly into a natural interior, emphasizing it. They are used to make cushions, curtains, plaids and sofa cushions, which give additional charm to the interior.

Metal. But it is important to minimize it, adding only individual accents that will emphasize the “natural” direction of design thought.

In general, plastic is not suitable – it will look foreign, plus visually cheapen the entire environment.


  • The eco-style in the interior is characterized by simplicity of lines and forms. Avant-garde bold chairs and fuchsia-colored chairs with abstract backs and legs look charming, but they will not harmonize with the parquet floor, linen curtains and walls with wooden panels.
  • Opt for as simple and classic furniture as possible. It will be possible to decorate and complement it later – throw a bright plaid on the sofa and cushions with knitted covers, for example. On the table put a handmade clay vase or homemade service.
  • Furniture should not draw extra attention. It is better to shift the emphasis on the bright accessories.

Accessories and Decor

When decorating the room, do not forget about the green plants. The more of them in the interior – the better. And you can give free rein to your creativity:

  • Use pots made of natural textiles.
  • Learn more about “living walls” (composed of modules, in which grows grass or climbing plants – from the side such a wall will seem solid).
  • Photographs and mirrors in wooden frames would be quite appropriate.
  • Decor from stone, wood and ceramics will look great, especially if it is made by your own hands.
Eco-Style In Room Design


  • Single-arm chandeliers with wide glass lamps.
  • LED spot lighting.
  • Floor lamps and floor lamps.
  • For additional lighting – garlands.

The main thing is to try to use the natural light as much as possible. For this purpose do not clutter the window with thick curtains and do not force the window sill with books and flowers.

6 options for eco-style walls

Eco style wall finishes are all about a natural base plus a natural hue. The surest options for decorating any room will be:

  1. Eco-style wallpaper – cork on a paper base (monochrome or with a plant pattern).
  2. Wooden paneling or panels made of solid wood, cross-linked timber, veneer, etc.
  3. Brick or stone masonry (of small, large or different sized elements).
  4. Tiles: tile, majolica, mettlach, clinker, cement, porcelain stoneware.
  5. Oriental motifs: bamboo fibers, rice paper, reed trunks, etc.
  6. Plastered and painted walls with water-based paint.
Eco-Style In Room Design

Ceiling in eco-style: 4 ways to make natural

  1. Simple and tasteful – snow-white minimalism: plaster plus white water-based paint.
  2. Expensive and tempting – wood paneling throughout, just like in the classic homes of aristocrats.
  3. Massive and authentic – whitewashed surfaces in symbiosis with wooden beams, similar to the decor of the chalet style.
  4. Fashionable and technical is a multilevel ceiling with spotlights, typical of many modern styles.
Eco-Style In Room Design

Eco-style in the interior of different rooms


White, beige, yellow and green colors are characteristic. The main rule is to avoid unnecessary motleyness. Painted in the form of “khokhloma” jars for groceries – it’s cute, but it attracts too much attention.

A good solution – all the containers, boxes and storage systems “hide” in cabinets, and use only closed storage systems, abandoning the open shelves and knives and pans hanging on the walls.

For the floor, laminate, tile “like wood” and stone will work well. Linoleum for such a kitchen is a bad choice, because it will quickly “fly away”, which will significantly deteriorate the appearance of the room.

Eco-Style In Room Design

Living Room

Divide the room into functional zones. The main decoration (ideally) will be an artificial fireplace – it perfectly conveys the mood of eco-style and will become a real place of attraction for the whole family.

The furniture is better to choose as simple as possible – rounded sofas with wooden armrests, wicker or hanging chairs, a simple round wooden coffee table. Such an ensemble would be wonderfully complemented by a small rug in natural colors.

As wall functional decorations can be used bookshelves, photos in wooden frames or decorative compositions made from a sawn wood.

Eco-Style In Room Design


Here the main functional element is the bed. Choose a comfortable wooden model without conspicuous iron inserts. Behind the headboard you can make an accent wall or inset (for example, all walls are wallpapered and the wall behind the bed is covered with wooden panels).

Complement the ensemble can be a closet, a floor lamp and an armchair for evening reading. Add coziness small cloth or woolen rug.

Additionally help to decorate the room will be vertical blinds, curtains and bedspreads. Do not forget about the plants, they will not only give authenticity to the room, but also will saturate the air with oxygen.

Eco-Style In Room Design


The main thing here is the minimalism. Bulky cabinets throughout the wall will clutter the room. Instead, place a full-length mirror, put a small wicker bench, a shelf for shoes and knotted hangers for outerwear.

And for storage of non-seasonal items, even at the stage of repair, think about redesigning and allocating space for a dressing room. In it you will be able to organize the comfortable storage of all closet items.

Eco-Style In Room Design


Here, too, stick to minimalism. Do not try to “befriend” nautical themes and eco-style – they will not get along in one apartment.

On the walls, it is better to install a monochrome tile, imitating the stone. Place plumbing on small stone “stands” and complement the ensemble with wooden racks (most importantly, treat with a special coating against mold) – and you will be pleasant and comfortable to use the room.

Eco-Style In Room Design


Eco-style In room design (see photo below) – it’s beautiful. But it is easy to “spoil” – enough to take the wrong materials, not take into account the storage system or go overboard with decorative elements.

Eco-Style In Room Design

Therefore, we advise to necessarily start repairs with a design project and look for reliable companies that will be responsible for the entire repair of “from screed to tile. So you’re sure to get a quality result and will not regret that you have chosen this particular style.

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