Basic Rules of Eclectic Style in the Interior for Home and Apartment

Eclectic style in the interior is a godsend for those who are bored of living within the rigid framework of one style. You can experiment with decor and finish, and show your sense of taste. It’s also a great opportunity to find a compromise solution.

You know how hard it is sometimes to come to one opinion about design: the husband likes one thing, the wife another, the children a third, and the other relatives a fourth. And this way you can please the majority.

Eclectic interior is particularly suitable:

  • people with diverse interests
  • enthusiastic natures
  • the adherents of an unconventional approach in the design of housing
  • travelers

Country Houses in the Eclectic Style

The best choice for massive structures. In actuality, it is a palace or fortress where you may seek refuge from the elements and difficulties as well as a great place with a swing to socialize with the numerous visitors. These places used to host masquerades, musical nights, and balls. These days, they are appropriate for big events like weddings and anniversaries.

Modern elite eclectic houses necessarily consist of several floors

  • All of the living rooms and hallways are located on the first level.
  • Warm color schemes are used to design the rooms, which also feature antique statuettes, mirrors, stained glass, sconces, paintings, and other decorative items.
  • The front is covered with light plaster and natural stone, in the garden and in the building you can see many arches, columns, which are constructed in ancient style.
  • There are frequently no inner doors at all, the corridors are roomy, and you may access them from various rooms.
  • The terrace is also large and has several passages and a winter garden.

The design project emphasizes the high status of the owner. Buildings are constructed of brick, wood, stone and ceramic blocks, classical construction technologies are used, so the house will last more than one generation.

Eclectic Style in the Interior

Recommendations Eclectic Style in the Interior

Porcelain tiles, laminate, linoleum, real wood, and kavrolin are used as floor coverings. Often, the ceiling has a straightforward shape and a colorless hue.

If the loft style is combined, two-story buildings with wooden beams and elaborate stucco are employed.

Metallic wallpaper, paper trellises, or both are used to cover the walls or paint them. It may be used to create ornamental plaster, brickwork, pattern-filled tiles, and wood panels. A silk wallpaper or an artwork would be quite useful.

The doors are often artificially aged, adding a vintage decor, transparent glass inserts, gold-plated and metal parts.

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What Kind of Furniture to Choose?

In contemporary eclectic design, the furniture takes center stage while the decorative accents are relegated to the background. Comfort and usefulness are given a lot of consideration.

A colorful, traditional sofa, for instance, serves as the focal point when designing an apartment. Following that, the best nightstands, a table, and chairs are chosen to match it.

The retro furniture, including dressing tables, repaired chairs, displays, and trundles, would look great in any space. Furniture manufactured in both traditional and contemporary designs can be combined.

The existence of the same ornamental components or a single color scheme is the sole requirement.

Rules for the Interior of an Apartment in Eclectic Style

Use openwork napkins, ceramic tableware, indoor plants or flower bouquets, candle holders, porcelain dolls to decorate the rooms. Give preference to gilded mirrors and frames.

Examples of ready-made successful solutions:

  • A chrome table lamp and wool plaid on a comfy sofa
  • Leather ottoman and chair with fluffy upholstery
  • A hi-tech metal lamp and a vintage chandelier
  • A mirror with a gilded frame on a rough brick wall

Living Room

First you need to choose upholstered furniture. Pay attention to stylish velvet, leather and quilted sofas, armchairs. Then look for suitable vintage secretaries, dressers and cupboards. You can combine classics with modern, pop art, loft, shebby-chic and boho.

For example, at the same time in the living room you will have:

  • “screaming” pop-art and ascetic loft;
  • sophisticated classics and flamboyant baroque;
  • “steel”, not warm in feeling hi-tech and cozy boho.

It is not necessary to fill a room exclusively with expensive items. You can keep within a modest budget if you can competently arrange everything. By the way, many take ideas for inspiration at foreign flea markets. There you can find unique rarity accessories at ridiculous prices.

Eclectic Style in the Interior

Kitchen or Dining Room

A large, traditional kitchen set built of wood is given center stage in these spaces. An enormous rustic dining table and tiles decorated with ethnic motifs will be a wonderful accent.

Embroidered napkins are suggested by designers for use in table décor. It is preferable to utilize easy-care materials in an eclectic kitchen. Cotton, eco-leather, linen, and normal leather all make cleaning the flat simpler.

Laminate, cork wood, and parquet are frequently used in the construction of dining room floors. The perfect way to complete the work space is with functional and beautiful tiles. When it comes to design elements, mixing provence, loft, and chalet designs is preferable.

Eclectic Style in the Interior


  • Chrome plumbing serves as the building block of the eccentric bathroom. It also has extra components that are indicative of Art Nouveau, Classical, or Provence.
  • There is no need for a lot of designs and patterns in the bathroom. It is sufficient to have one or two bright accents so that your eyes do not grow fatigued and you are generally at ease inside.
  • Neutral hues are used for the ceiling, floor, and walls. They occasionally have beige and yellow-brown tones added to them. A mosaic floor, tiles with a subtle pattern on the walls and accessories, furnishings in the bedding, and neutral hues are further options.
  • By the way, the use of a white background with dazzling blue and red is highly fashionable. Variations may take any form.
  • If you want something more unusual, get white bathroom fixtures in a unique form and use dark paint on the walls.
  • Do you enjoy peace and comfort? After that, place a woven rug, hang woven drapes, and take care of any unique bolsters or cushions.
Eclectic Style in the Interior


It is not very detailed either. The space should evoke feelings of relaxation and slumber, as well as rest.

You are unlikely to fall asleep fast if you hang a variety of panels, display various images, place figurines on tables and surfaces, and spread colorful carpets close to the bed.

“Screaming” and caustic colors will also completely discourage recuperation on the pillow.

Good examples from the experts:

  • A bed with a vintage-style velvet headboard and a modern mirrored ceiling;
  • Metal bed with ethnic pillows and bedspread, catchy pop-art elements;
  • A lacquered cabinet, an abstract rug and a traditional crystal light fixture.
Eclectic Style in the Interior

Modern Eclecticism in the Interior

You could have assumed that eclecticism is something arrogant and out-of-date when we told you about rural homes. In reality, it isn’t. The fashion has changed from the original throughout the years and is now considerably different.

Tips for Creating a Modern Eclectic Interior

  • Use no more than three styles. Unite them with each other should be the same color scheme, architectural solution or texture.
  • Choose a simple neutral design, such as minimalism, Scandinavian, or neoclassicism. Bright accents and dynamic movement fit readily in this open, light-filled area.
  • Choose calming light tones like beige, white, and gray for the backdrop. It is OK to use highly daring, lavish décor.

Do not be scared to combine opposing elements. Imagine having an antique table, a magnificent chair with patterned upholstery, and two identical armchairs—one in the “baroque” and the other in the “Art Nouveau” styles—all in one room.

Love accessories and decorative items. You will fill the space not only with different furniture, but also with textiles, pictures, mirrors, sconces, paintings, etc.

In Conclusion

Eclectic style in the interior is the embodiment of your individuality in the room. Don’t set yourself too many boundaries for your eclectic style home; free yourself from the rigid and tedious rules associated with traditional interior design.

Let your imagination run wild and enjoy experimenting.

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