8 Tips to Help You Add Eclecticism in the Interior

Eclecticism in the interior – dialogue of different cultures. If we turn to history, earlier the eclectic interior was not at all what we imagine it to be today.

Today in an eclectic interior you can and should combine old furniture with modern, minimalist and even futuristic objects. There are no clear requirements as to what color the room should be in the eclectic style, and there can not be: it is necessary to experiment, mix and combine.

The main feature of this interior is individuality, there are no two identical or very similar rooms in the eclectic style.

8 tips for creating an Eclecticism in the Interior

1. Clearly define the proportions

A good eclecticism is, first of all, harmonious combinations. Therefore, creating a project, think in advance how many styles will be mixed. Otherwise, instead of an interesting and lively space, you can get a furniture store.

Ideally, you need to mix in one room no more than 3 styles. For example, you can combine modern, ethnic and historical styles in an interesting way.

Immediately determine the overall atmosphere that you want to “settle” in the interior. Eclecticism is a very dynamic and multifaceted style, but it is better to “cook” here according to the recipe, clearly measuring out in the right proportions each “ingredient”.

Eclecticism in the Interior

2. Bring to a common denominator

Often, the role of a unifying element is color. Several selected shades in different interpretations and interpretations will gather the interior together.

It is good if the color scheme of the interior will be limited to 4-5 colors: use one as the main color, that is, to paint large areas, such as floors and walls, the second – as a support for the first, for carpets and upholstered furniture, and two or three more to add bright accents.

For background colors, it is better to choose neutral or dark muted tones. A calm color scheme is best for the bedroom and recreation room. For the living room and kitchen, you can also choose brighter colors.

Details and decor can be used as connecting elements. For example, things in different styles can be combined by color or texture. A common or similar pattern on textiles helps to collect the composition well.

3. Scale up and layering

To organize a stylish and modern interior, it is worth using Layering. Large items can be placed in the background, put small items forward – so the interior will be more convex and deep, which will make it visually more attractive.

4. Play with contrasts

Choose items and decorations very different in mood and style, when decorating an eclectic interior. In the finished project, such different items will show the versatility and sense of style, while details that are close to each other in spirit will not give the right contrast and will merge.

Eclecticism in the Interior

5. Pay special attention to the walls

Paintings and wall décor are an obligatory component of the interior in the eclectic style. By the way, eclecticism is often chosen by collectors, because in such an interior any thing can find a worthy place. You can hang next to classic landscapes and works of modern photographers.

However, remember the 2 rules:

  • Our eyes “collect” in a single picture a large number of objects hanging on the wall, and do not allow us to immediately perceive the details
  • Choose paintings and photos of the same subject for your exposition or use a picture frame to generalize the composition.

6. Create your decor cocktail

  • Accessories and decor in an eclectic interior play a special role: when furniture and objects are scattered, pretty little things attract more attention.
  • Therefore, when choosing pillows, vases and art objects, be guided first and foremost by what they will give to the interior as a whole.
  • Also can logically fit and souvenirs brought from distant countries, and antique things, and something made by your own hands.

7. Ban the Clutter

Eclectic doesn’t always equal cluttered and overflowing with belongings. Even when it comes to the great art of eclecticism, less is still more! Have fewer important objects that you truly adore rather than a sentimental floor and shelves stuffed with decorations.

Keep everything organized, and put your most prized treasures on display. You don’t have to display anything just because you possess it!

Eclecticism in the Interior

8. Create and do not be afraid of experiments

This remark is worthy of a separate item in our list of tips, because sometimes even the most seasoned designers get lost when working with eclecticism.

Creating a harmonious ensemble in this style is really very difficult. This work requires not only great experience and knowledge of the process, but also a special artistic flair.


Sometimes you can hear criticism of eclecticism, because it is very contradictory and inconsistent. However, sometimes it is this kind of interior that saves from stagnant creative energy and inspires the creation of new projects.

Sometimes customers can not agree with each other, in what style to decorate the interior, then the eclecticism becomes a real salvation!

So do not be afraid to experiment and develop your creativity!

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