What Color of Carpet Goes With Gray Walls? The Ultimate Guide (8 Options)

Light gray walls look great with darker colors. Dark blue, burgundy, black are great, as well as multicolored with dark inserts. 

Dark gray walls look favorably with carpets of light colors – white, light gray, cream and also multicolored, but already with light accents.

So, what color of carpet goes with gray walls? It is believed that the classic combinations are more suitable for the rooms where you spend most of your time.

They will be a win-win for your home. And brighter rugs would be good for rooms where you spend less time, such as the bedroom, hallway, and bathroom.

But, if you want unusual and bold combinations, but don’t know what to choose, look at the options that have been selected for you.

What Color of Carpet Goes With Gray Walls? Interesting rug colors

Light Brown

Light brown might be a fantastic option if you’re looking for a deeper floor color. A light brown carpeting may provide elegance to the entire area while warming it up without being overly loud, as many bright hues are.

Unlike beige carpet for gray walls, this carpet goes with gray and it is less easily soiled in use.

Additionally, a light brown rug may provide a warm, welcoming appearance, so we advise using it in any space that requires such ambience, such as the living room.

What color of carpet goes with gray walls

Bold Blue

Although a blue carpet or light blue rug might be bold, that doesn’t mean it should be avoided. On the other hand, if the walls are bluish in color, navy blue looks wonderful next to light gray walls. Consider a lighter and brighter shade of blue carpeting for beige or gray, which include warmer tones.

By definition, blue carpet is a frigid hue, although there are warm tones of blue as well. Cobalt and azure are unlikely to work, while Caribbean blue or light turquoise are excellent options.

Also, such a carpet color, unlike beige carpet, is less easily soiled in use, especially if you have children and pets.

What color of carpet goes with gray walls

Pleasant Mint

Use a mint-colored rug next to light gray walls if you want to give your room some flair. This unusual color scheme is certain to add flair to any space.

This light colored carpet carpet goes with gray walls and gray walls look wonderful with a mint rug. The gray walls will provide a calming and quiet backdrop, while the mint hue will give the room a sense of freshness. This color scheme is ideal for establishing a calm and warm ambiance in your house.

What color of carpet goes with gray walls

Dark Gray

Because it is deeper than the wall color and will assist to ground the room, dark gray carpeting is a suitable choice for rooms with gray walls.

In addition, the carpet will hide dirt and stains better than a light gray carpet color. Dark gray rugs are a wise choice if you have kids or dogs since they last longer unlike beige carpet.

What color of carpet goes with gray walls

Delicate Pink

Gray and pink complement each other well since they are both neutral carpet color. You may utilize either hue to draw attention to the other.

Pink is a color that may be utilized in a variety of contexts and situations for gray walls. Gray is a fantastic hue to use as a primary or accent color.

What color of carpet goes with gray walls

Sunny Yellow

Try a yellow rug if you want to give your house some color without going crazy. It could simply surprise you how beautifully your gray walls match it.

This hue unexpectedly and effectively complements your gray walls. Once I saw it, I never would have thought of it on my own, but now that I have, I have no other ideas.

The space is decorated and made to feel warm and inviting by the yellow carpeting. And what’s nice is that it blends in well with the gray walls. In actuality, it enhances them.

What color of carpet goes with gray walls

Purple Carpet

There are hues of purple that look well with both light and dark gray walls, which is another pairing that could frighten you. Only a few purple hues, though, will blend well together.

Consider blending gray, which has a warmer and softer tint, with royal purple, pinkish purple, or grayish lavender. Because other hues of gray might make your space appear chilly and dismal, you should seek for gray with a warm foundation.

You may add texture to your space by purchasing a wool rug or any natural fiber or grass type rug, keeping in mind that homeowners who pick this combination typically stick to only these two colors to avoid discord.

What color of carpet goes with gray walls

Beige Carpet Colors

If you want to make your house seem warm and inviting, a beige rug is the ideal carpet color for light gray walls. Given that beige is connected with warmth and relaxation, it’s the ideal color to use to unwind after a stressful day.

A beige carpet offers a unified and fashionable aesthetic when combined with gray walls that will make your visitors feel perfectly at home.

What color of carpet goes with gray walls

What to consider before choosing a rug

  • One of the most challenging design choices that homeowners must make is the color of the carpet. Carpet replacement is expensive and can have a significant impact. This means that changing the appearance of your space typically requires making a long-term choice.
  • Carpet will often appear lighter in your house than they did at the shop, as a general rule. People are often caught off guard by this impact. Therefore, don’t pick a rug if you like it but believe you would be better off with a deeper hue.
  • However, your carpet will appear a little bit darker than it actually is in darker spaces, such as north-facing rooms. Decide on something that is a few shades lighter to make up for the added darkness.
  • Obtain a sample rug and check how it appears in your space if you like it but think it’s too dark. Never purchase a rug until you are certain that it will complement the walls of your house.

Before you choose, take into account the following advice:

1. The room’s illumination should be considered.

Large windows that let in a lot of light will make your carpet’s color appear very similar to how it does in the store or showroom.

2. Think about the room’s dimensions.

A dark or vividly colored carpeting can make a small space appear much smaller or, worse, like a cave. As a result, keep things light in smaller areas and reserve the dark carpets for larger spaces.

3. It’s always advantageous to be neutral.

We advise pairing a gray carpeting with gray walls because of this. It creates an entirely neutral appearance, and you can add color in other ways, such as with your artwork or furniture selections.

4. Pay more attention to spotted colors than solid ones.

Spotted rugs, often known as Berber rugs, are typically light in color with dark speckles. For it to complement your gray walls, you may choose from gray, ivory, or blue. It hides filth between cleaning, is aesthetically pleasing, and is tough, therefore we enjoy it!

What should the difference between your carpet and walls be?

The rug should, on average, be a few colors darker than the walls. However, there is no absolute rule that a rug must precisely match the color of your walls. In fact, to add extra visual appeal to the space, several design professionals advise placing a rug in a contrasting hue.

Therefore, don’t feel bound by pretended “laws” that are really just decorative preferences.

Choose the combination you like! If that, such classic combinations as dark gray walls and light gray carpet or light gray walls and dark gray carpet will always come to the rescue.

And in conclusion

So, I have given you a list of various carpet colors to choose from. The color you choose for carpet gray walls is important to your interior. Find carpet colors that are in the same region as your walls by determining whether they are on the warm or cool side of the gray scale.

What color carpet would go best with your gray walls is ultimately up to you. But in any case, you can always choose a dark gray carpet or light gray carpet and add bright accents in the form of a sofa or curtains.

And if you want to add brightness, then choose bold colors: light blue carpet, pink carpet, yellow carpet color or patterned carpets.

Gratitude for reading! I hope that this article helped you decide on the choice of carpet colors.

And so that your gray walls will always be like new, I recommend learning How to touch up paint on walls

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