What cabinets to choose for the kitchen? Rules for filling and placement

Cabinets to choose for the kitchen plays an important role, in which we value not only appearance, but also functionality. Using expert advice on how to choose cabinets for the kitchen will make the purchase easier.

Variety of Kitchen Cabinet Designs

Rationally organize the kitchen space allows sets that include several types of cabinets. Each is worth breaking down in detail:

1 Hinged kitchen cabinets. They occupy the upper part of the set and are necessary for storing dishes and food. The design usually weighs little and takes up little space. Standard hinged module most often includes a frame, front and interior filling. According to the type of construction, cabinets are:

  • closed. Equipped with shelves and doors.
  • open. Do not have doors. Free space is occupied by decorative elements, beautiful dishes;
  • combined. Combine elements of the first and second type. Usually there are inside driers for dishes, as well as a container for draining liquids.

2 Floor cabinets. Standard nightstands with one or more doors that occupy the bottom of the structure. They are more spacious and massive than hinged cabinets. Therefore, they are considered suitable for storing large dishes: pans, pots and other utensils. Built-in appliances can also be placed there. In addition, floor elements are good at hiding communications, trash garbage can.

3 Corner models. There are in L-shaped sets. Their advantage is to free up space and rational use of the corner. Such cabinets are always miniature, while having a huge capacity. Sometimes they have drawers and shelves, usually there are also hinged doors. The structure of the product determines the type of cabinet: hinged, sink cabinet or a cabinet.

cabinets to choose for the kitchen

4 Kitchen pencil case. A kind of combination of hinged and floor cabinets with a large capacity. Between the upper and lower level there is free space, and the number of doors is determined by the number of sections.

The functionality of the model is different: if you plan to store a lot of food, cutlery and kitchen tools, it is better to choose a version with a dozen shelves and various recesses. Behind the facade of the hollow cabinet it is convenient to hide the refrigerator.

The most popular mixed types of pencil cases. In them, the top and bottom are used to put food and utensils, and in the middle is placed appliances.

cabinets to choose for the kitchen

Filling Cabinets

To allow the buyer to lay out all the things and fully occupy the space of the modules, furniture manufacturers offer a variety of elements for the rational use of space inside. Among them:

  • mesh baskets. Nets made of metal rods, shaped like the letter U. Fastened inside the front or on the sides. Comfortable for placement in the unfilled space under the sink. The side basket can be retractable, and the bottom basket can be made ordinary, as it will not touch the pipes. In the baskets put vegetables, as well as other items needed in everyday life and in cleaning;
  • drawers and shelves with racks. They are used to store dishes, food, compact appliances;
  • swivel carousel. In the cabinet is built into the axis, on which stand semicircular movable shelves. This element makes it possible to conveniently use the cabinets in the corner, because when turning the carousel will become available even far away things. The design is spacious enough and is used for kitchen utensils of all sizes;
  • folding element. Several narrow shelves attached to the swivel elements. The front row is placed inside the front, and when opening the doors of the structure open one after another;
  • bottle holders. They are distinguished by high, not wide sides, in the compartments which can easily fit a standard bottle. In the cabinet, they are arranged one above the other in a row, so they can not break.

When choosing any type of headset, the owner can independently think about the filling system. In the cabinets will be installed only those components that are needed in each case.

cabinets to choose for the kitchen

Kitchen Cabinet Fronts

Facade of the set – it is not only a stylish design and a pleasant appearance, but also a surface that keeps the furniture in its original condition for decades. Therefore, when buying, it is important that the material does not deteriorate when exposed to moisture and high temperatures, and is durable and resistant to wear and tear. The most common material of choice is:

Wood. The most beautiful and environmentally friendly is wood. It not only has a good structure, but also has a pleasant aroma for a long time after installation. Such raw materials are practical and do not cause allergies.

Most often it is covered with a mortar that protects the surface from mechanical influences and prolongs the operating time;

cabinets to choose for the kitchen

Glass. Glass parts of the facade can complement the photo printing, sandblasted pictures, tinting. However, such options are expensive;

Plastic. Resistant to moisture, temperature fluctuations, not demanding in the service, has a large choice of colors. But they do not have a very high impact resistance, and when caring for such coatings should not use abrasive powders, which can leave after themselves small scratches.

Basic Rules Cabinets to Choose for the Kitchen

There are several indicators that you should pay attention to when choosing kitchen cabinets:

Compactness. In a small kitchen you will not be able to put a lot of modules.

  • To choose cabinets for the kitchen, you need to assess the capacity of the area and choose only the most necessary modular structures.
  • Best of all, thanks to its size will suit the corner set. In the corner you can place the sink, and under it put a convenient storage system.
  • Another good option would be a mini-kitchen or a model with furniture-transformer, which saves space;

Capacity. In a small kitchen, it is difficult to place all the furniture, while maintaining enough free space. But in order to stack kitchen utensils, you do not always need a lot of cabinets.

  • Devices, containers with loose products will fit well on the kitchen apron.
  • Jars can be placed on an open shelf, spoons and knives can be attached to magnetic strips on the wall.
  • In many cases, the corner module is ideal, which is quite compact and roomy.
cabinets to choose for the kitchen

Ease of cleaning. Because of the constant temperature fluctuations and the inevitable ingress of liquid on the surface, it is desirable to buy a material with an easily cleanable protective layer. It is better not to choose models with engraving and embossing, as it is very difficult to clean the recesses;

Durability. Products with the highest indicator of strength are considered wooden, but they cost more than other materials. At the same time, many artificial coatings are not inferior to wood.

If you add a plastic protective layer to it, the surface is guaranteed to last a long time.

Uniform style. To ensure that the kitchen does not stand out from the overall interior of the apartment, it is better to decide in advance with the style and select the color and texture, based on it.

  • It is necessary to think about what items you want to place in the room: appliances, accessories and other details must clearly correspond to the chosen design direction.
  • Usually the owners make repairs before buying furniture, so in this case it will not be difficult to pick up furniture under the style.

Recommendations for Placing Kitchen Cabinets

The right location of furniture in the room gives the opportunity to maximize the space and create a cozy atmosphere.

For this purpose, it is advisable to create a plan on which to place all the interior items and accessories. Thanks to the drawing it will be easier to assess the arrangement of the module and understand how to intelligently swap their places in case you buy additional items.

First you need to measure the area of the room and the height of the walls. On the plan are marked windows, doorways, communications. After that, a scheme of the location of each component is drawn.

  • At a distance of no more than 2 meters should be placed the refrigerator, sink and stove, as they are the main points for the hostess in any kitchen;
  • It is better to place the gas stove away from the window. This way there is no risk of fire due to drafts;
  • It is desirable to place a stove hood over the stove at a distance of 60-80 centimeters;
  • The surface of the tabletop should be at a comfortable height for the person who usually cooks in the family;
  • The depth of the countertop should not be more than 60 centimeters;
  • It is desirable to choose a deep sink, and the faucet should be at a height that would allow you to put a large pan under it without any problems;
  • The choice of modular kitchen is more justified by the possibility of transformation for any size room;
  • Consider the location of the refrigerator so that when you open it, the door does not interfere with moving around the kitchen.

When arranging the layout, you can stick to the rule of the working triangle:

when the three main points – stove, sink and refrigerator – are ideally located at a distance of 90 centimeters. In this way, the main functional areas can be reached in one step.

cabinets to choose for the kitchen


Cabinets are an important component of kitchen furniture. Do not buy the first option they caught, which simply liked the owner of the apartment by design. It is necessary to approach the question of choice responsibly and seriously.

In this process, the buyer will help tips and tricks of experienced designers. Taking them into account, it will be possible to choose the best version of cabinets for the kitchen – and beautiful, and convenient, and functional.

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