Waverly Chalk Paint Review: Sofa Table Makeover

Waverly Chalk paints is good enough to paint furniture. This Waverly Chalk Paint Review shows how chalk paint from the well-known supermarket can be used to transform a sofa table.

Waverly  Chalk Paint  Review: Sofa Table makeover

Hey guys!

I only bought 5 paint supplies for this sofa table when I visited last week.

Use of Supplies:

I wanted to find out if I could achieve a professional looking, brush-free finish with only products available in a reputable supermarket.

I bought 5 products as a minimum.

waverly chalk paint review

Everything else I needed to do this makeover had to be simple things you already have in your home. You can use it as a basic screwdriver, dish soap and some rags.

Let’s take a look at this makeover to see if we can achieve a high-end painted finish using Waverly Chalk Paint.

Waverly Chalk Paint Review For Furniture

Here is what the piece of furniture looked like before.

waverly chalk paint review

This oak veneered sofa table was made in China. It appears that it was recently refinished, which makes it in good condition.

Holy moly, the stain they used was way too orange for my taste!

Take out Hardware:

I first removed the hardware from all the drawers.

Despite the appearance of having three drawers, there is only one.

To remove the hardware from the fake drawers, I had to flip the table.

Clean the Table:

Next, I washed it really well, just as I do with all furniture I have painted.

Instead of using my usual Krud Kutter It’s a beautiful thing that I love so I decided to wipe it down with a rag and Dawn dish soap in hot water.

This makeover is actually going back to basics. It’s the best way to achieve a high-end finish. I washed the table with hot soapy water and then wiped it clean, rinsing any soapy residue.

Next, I dried it off and moved on to the next step.

Scuff Sand the Table

Is Waverly Chalk Paint NOT NO PREP? What is the best way to get rid of it?

Waverly Chalk paint claims it is a no-prep paint one. However, I don’t take chances with making sure that the paint sticks, especially if it is shiny!

If you want a professional finish that won't easily scratch, don't skimp on scuff ng!

I cut the 220 grit sandpaper in quarters and then I scuffed sanded the entire table.

waverly chalk paint review

However, I did not want to sand through it!

I sanded just enough to dull the shine and give the paint something that will hold on. It’s really just a matter of a few passes back-and-forth over the entire thing.

It took me around 20 minutes to scrub sand the entire thing.

Next, I used my vacuum cleaner to remove all dust, and then I used a rag to clean up any traces.

Clear Shellac Primer

We then moved this piece of furniture to the garage and gave it two coats of “primer” before I let it dry for about an hour.

Clear shellac is the primer in this instance.

It’s what I use for about 80% of my makeovers.

It serves a purpose, so even though it is stinky, I never skip over some type of primer!

Prevent Stain Bleeding Through Paint

To begin with, I use clear Shellac Prevent bleeding. You probably don’t know what bleed through is if you have never painted wood. It’s not easy, but it is a lot of pain.

Bleed through refers to when the dye or wood tannins in the stain seep through your paint. It’s like pink or orange splotches in your painting job. No matter how many coats you apply to it, it will not go away.

Shellac is the only thing that can actually stop bleeding!

There are many options for shellac primer. However, I prefer the clear one. This allows me to distress the paint and see the wood underneath.

Spraying it on is much easier than brushing. Sometimes, I joke that the piece looks exactly as it did at one point. Although the shellac can create a little shine, it actually makes the paint stick better. It looks shiny again.

After drying for about an hour, the shellac was removed and we returned it inside to be painted.

How to use Waverly Chalk paint

This Waverly Chalky paint in the color Moss was my choice

How to Avoid Brush Strokes With Chalk Paint

Professional paint finishes don’t need brush strokes. Chalk paint can be thick so you may have to use a lot more brush strokes.

To avoid chalk paint strokes, thin the paint and use a better quality paint brush. You can also Spray chalk paint If you’re a prolific painter!

How to Thin Waverly Chalk Paint

I wanted to achieve a brush-free finish so I added some water to the paint.

So, I put about 1/3 of the paint container into a separate bowl. I then added water to the paint and mixed it all up.

The water thins paint and slow down drying time. This gives the paint more time to dry flattened, leaving behind fewer brush marks.

The paint should be thin enough that it takes longer to dry but not thin enough that it looks like you're painting on colored water.

How to Apply Waverly Chalk Paint

Next, I used this Walmart BEST 2″ brush to apply the paint to the table. To minimize brush marks, I wanted a brush that was more gentle.

When I was putting on the paint, I made sure to follow the grain of the wood grain and only use long strokes. To avoid drips from too much paint, I didn’t fill the paintbrush with too much paint.

Then I was always on the lookout for drips so that I could capture them before the paint dried.

The Drawer is Painted

When I reached the drawer, I took it out and painted it myself.

Because I didn’t have any tape, I made sure to paint only the drawer front.

Painting your Legs:

I applied the paint against the grain when I reached the legs. It’s easier to apply the paint horizontally, and just slap it on rather than following the grain.

waverly chalk paint review

If you do this, be careful not to have too much paint on your brush. Paint can easily fly once you start slapping! 

It is amazing to see that brush marks are virtually non-existent, even if they are against the grain! Slowly, I worked my way around the entire table until it was covered in paint.

I wrapped the paintbrush in plastic wrap while I waited for it to dry

How long does Waverly Chalk Paint Dry?

I returned an hour later to apply a second coat.

The container’s back states that you should wait for 2 hours between coats of paint. My paint dried in an hour. Then I painted it as I had done the first coat.

Each coat took between 20 and 25 minutes to paint. Before I applied the sealant, I allowed the second coat of Waverly Chalk paint to dry completely.

waverly chalk paint review

How to Seal Waverly Chalk Paint

Chalk style paint is super matte and must be sealed with clear topcoat if you don’t know what it is.

It won’t last very long if you don’t seal the seam.

Waverly Chalk Paint can be sealed with wax or water-based poly.

Minwax Polycrylic

To seal the chalk paint, I used Minwax Polycrylic.

It was the only way I could spray poly on it.

Personally, I hate the idea of brushing poly on. It’s difficult to achieve a streak-free finish with it.

I usually Spray poly I used my paint sprayer to finish the job, but I was unable to use it for this project, so I went with the spray can.

Minwax Polycrylic VS Varathane Polyurethane

I usually only use Varathane’s water-based polyurethane In a quart can. That stuff is my favorite!

However, I tried their oil-based polyurethane sprayer a few months back, but it was very toxic when I applied it.

I bought Minwax’s oil based polyurethane spray can and it sprayed beautifully, as always.

This time, I decided not to spray Varathane poly in a spray bottle because it would spit all over me.

Minwax spray cans were more trustworthy than I thought!

I avoid this Minwax Polycrylic, even though it is my favorite. I have had problems with it turning yellow in the past.

However, this green is what I was thinking. I prefer the Polycrylic spray with the possibility of it yellowing the paint.

Spraying Minwax Polycrylic

Anyway, I applied 3 coats Polycrylic to the table and let it dry for approximately 45 minutes between each coat.

I lightly sanded the paint between the first and second coats with the 320-grit sandpaper. This was to slightly distress the paint, but mostly to make the paint feel super smooth.

After shaking the can for two minutes, I moved the spray can 12 inches from the table. To avoid drips, I made sure that the poly coats were very thin.

I really liked the way this Minwax Polycrylic was sprayed!

It didn’t spit at any!

The satin sheen is a great look!

Waverly Chalk Paint: How good is it? What is Waverly Chalk Paint?

I must admit, I was quite impressed by the coverage, especially considering the price and the fact I thinned it a little.

Waverly Chalk paint and minwax spray Polycrylic are super durable!

It also includes cleaning, scuff-sanding, and shellac primer to make it more durable!

I won’t lie, I was impressed by the quality of these low-priced products! Sure, the coverage is pretty good on the first coat and goes a long way to cover. Sealants like wax, varnish, or polyurethane do not bleed or fade.

The paintbrush leaves no marks. I use long strokes and put some water in the paint.

This is how the sofa table looks now like one example of painting furniture.

Waverly chalk paint sofa table makeover - the result

I decided to replace the hardware with cup pulls. It’s a great way to give the furniture a new look.

This Waverly Chalk Paint Review has been helpful, I hope! 

Thank you!

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