Simple and Effective Ways to Clean Construction Dust After Repairs

You have just moved into a new apartment or renovated a previous one, which means it’s important to know how to clean construction dust. Whether you have done a light facelift or a major renovation of an entire building, the air inside will be polluted. Unfortunately, air quality can deteriorate even days or weeks after construction work is complete.

With even the smallest renovations, construction dust and debris are unavoidable. Let alone a full-blown major renovation. If there are no problems with the garbage, it just needs to be collected in construction trash bags and thrown out. Much more global is the question: how to remove construction dust?

What are the dangers of construction dust?

The danger lies in the new furniture and building materials that were used for the renovation. Neither good cleaning nor ventilation will eliminate the problem of air pollution in such a room. If a member of the family suffers from allergies or asthma, it is not safe for them to stay in a newly renovated house. Keep in mind that children and people with weakened immune systems are especially sensitive to airborne pollutants.

How to Prevent Dust from Spreading

  1. Enclose the place of repair.

It is important to separate the area where the work is done from the areas that are already finished. Polyethylene is usually used for this. You can search in stores for a special film with a zipper: thanks to such it will be convenient to enter the repaired area. Dense fabric is also effective. It should be hung wet. It is necessary to take into account that it will have to wet it constantly, otherwise it will begin to let the suspended matter pass through.

  1. Close the Doors.

If the work is done in a room where there is a door, be sure to close it. However, this is not enough. Take a damp cloth and plug all the gaps. The cloth will keep dirt from spreading throughout the apartment.

  1. Cover furniture and appliances

If you have to work in a room with furniture and appliances, you need to cover them carefully. Use heavy plastic wrap and wrap the items in several layers. You can also cover other surfaces that you do not plan to repair, such as the floor.

clean construction dust

How to keep dust to a minimum

Dust particles contain chemicals that provoke coughing, shortness of breath, and allergic reactions. Getting in with breath, settles on the bronchi, lungs, becoming a monolithic resinous layer, which will later lead to disease. Ways to protect yourself:

cover the face with a respirator, in its absence – a wet headscarf, a flap of dense fabric;
Construction goggles to protect the mucous membrane of the eyes;
during the overhaul open the windows – some of the air will be evacuated from the room;
vacuum cleaner – turned on the device will gradually draw in construction dust;
dust collector – some sanders are equipped with a reservoir for waste.
sprayers with water – if not contrary to technique, sprinkle the walls to be less dusty, periodically sprayed around the room – the powder associated with water will settle on the floor.

How to clean construction dust during renovation

  1. Clean while you are doing the work. When you’re doing renovation work, it’s best to clean up accumulations of dirt right away. The easiest way to do this is with a construction vacuum cleaner. As a last resort, use models with insertable paper bags or with containers in which the debris is piled. Vacuum cleaners with woven bags are not suitable: the dust will be released through them. However, if at all possible, it is better not to use household models. The dust is too fine, so it can clog the device and ruin it.

Construction vacuum cleaner is not necessary to buy for repairs. It can be rented for a while. Or borrow from acquaintances, if they have one. Calculate what is more profitable for you.

  1. Ventilate more often. Dirty work, such as dismantling walls or their struttings, particles are sure to rise in the air. If you can, open the windows more often so that they can get outside through them. At the same time, the doors must be tightly closed and covered with a wet rag.

If you can’t open the windows, use another method: pour plain water into a spray bottle. When you are finished, spray it in the air. The moisture will cause a light mist to settle to the floor. Wait for this to happen before you start cleaning.

  1. Don’t forget about cleaning between steps. Remember: you should start each new renovation phase in as clean a room as possible. This rule will make it easier for you to clean surfaces after the work is done. And it will also keep extra debris from getting into the construction mixes.
clean construction dust

How to remove dust after renovation in the apartment without an air purifier

1 Follow the right sequence
First you need to get rid of garbage: put it in bags and take it to the dumpster in a special container. If there are too many materials left, it is better to take care of hiring transportation to remove the trash in advance. Then proceed to clean the floor, walls and other surfaces. After that, wash the windows. Lastly, remove the dirt from the furniture.

2 Clean the surfaces
To remove dirt from the floor, use a wet broom. Using a dry broom will only spread dirt around the room. Pick up the dust with a broom and dump it into pre-prepared containers: bags, sacks, etc. Then throw it away. A mop with a removable sponge attachment may also work. Such a mop will absorb dirt well. However, in the process of putting things in order, you will have to change a few nozzles, and then throw them away.

After you have removed the main dirt, wash the floor with a solution of water and vinegar (one cup of 9% vinegar per bucket of clean water). This will help avoid unsightly streaks after cleaning.

3 Use a vacuum cleaner
After wet cleaning, run a vacuum cleaner over the surfaces. A construction vacuum is best. Vacuum the floor thoroughly. Then use a soft brush and get the dirt off the baseboards and walls. Use the brush from bottom to top. This method of cleaning is suitable even for very demanding wallpaper, such as paper. For them, wet cleaning is not recommended.

clean construction dust


Major repairs or interior renovation require serious efforts and investments. But another important investment that is needed after the renovation is the purchase of an air purifier. It will help make the atmosphere in rooms and offices safe, free of allergens and pollutants. Take an important step toward a healthier lifestyle – buy an air purifier and clean construction dust, breathe freely.

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